Superyacht Cross Cultural Education

Elevate your ownership experience with a perfectly polished cross-culturally educated crew

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Private Jet International Etiquette

Eliminate cultural borders by mastering international communication

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International Business Etiquette

Exceed expectations with poise, leadership, and deportment

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Cross-Cultural Education

Enhance your social and professional life by mastering cross-cultural intelligence

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The Finishing Touch

Radiate timeless class, confidence, and cultural awareness

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International Youth Etiquette

Be anything but ordinary by learning the codes of polite society

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  • Costa & Martins provides such an elegant solution that it’s impossible not to be impressed. Our yacht crew who attended their “Cross-Cultural Education & International Etiquette Course” found the active participation in course work immersive and rewarding. The international skill set that they developed will be immensely helpful in their careers onboard as well as their journey through life.

    • S.I. United Kingdom
  • I am endlessly grateful for the time Barbara spent with me. Her attention to detail is awe-inspiring and her patience even more so. Thank you so much

    • E.K. United States, NYC
  • C&M Cross-Cultural Awareness Program was life changing for me and my team. My company highly recommends C&M services

    • A.K. United States
  • The lessons that Barbara taught and the wisdom she imparted were an unforgettable lifetime lesson. I'll be eternally grateful!

    • N.N. Hong Kong
  • The Superyacht course touched on a wide variety of topics that won’t only help individuals in their career on yachts, but also going out into the world. For more junior crew that have not had much experience with VIP guests, I felt that the course helped them harness the confidence to walk amongst these guests and provide an exceptional service". Personally, my eyes opened up to how diverse different cultures are and how important it is to research and respect different people’s cultures.

    • M.M, Italy
  • A real life turner, we are all now heading in the right direction with so much international wisdom and confidence

    • K.N. China
  • What an elightening and life changing course. I wish everyone would have the chance to spend this precious and productive time with the C&M team

    • C.O. Angola
  • Thank you for all what you did last week. The results are notorious and appreciated already. Always very professional, efficient and pleasant. It is a true pleasure to work with you

    • J.M. United States, Los Angeles
  • Thank you C&M! What a good reminder of the importance of our role onboard and the importance of how we present ourselves and not be a cause of any distractions to the guests

    • M.A. France
  • C&M Cross-Cultural Awareness Program was life changing for me and my team. My company highly recommends C&M services

    • A.K. United States


Costa & Martins was created in 2014 out of the increasing need from private and corporate clients to break down social and professional barriers on a national and international level.

At C&M Etiquette goes beyond good behavior and manners. It is a lifestyle, one that evolves with time thus never boring or out of date.

We transform our clients into more successful individuals, in all aspects of their lives, by coaching etiquette & cross-cultural intelligence, and developing lasting international social and business relations in a modern society.

You will end this unique journey with a 'multi-cultural passport', one that will make you navigate a world with no boundaries and live life to the fullest by treating yourself and others with respect and kindness.

Upon completion of any of C&M training programs, you will be able to harness the tools to make a positive first and lasting impression from the greeting through the good-bye, enabling you to flourish in society as well as to engage with, receive and entertain others with the utmost refinement.

C&M offers bespoke training courses and workshops for individuals, businesses, organizations and educational institutions.

The International Superyacht and Private Jet Etiquette; The International Business Etiquette & Protocol and The Cross-Cultural Education Course can be customized and developed to any Culture you are working with on a business or social level - a wide range of countries are available just share with us your needs and we will work towards your goals.


C&M is an elite brand exceling in International Etiquette, Protocol and Cross - Cultural Intelligence.

In a world of increased globalization, professionalism and competitiveness, discretion, finesse and class are mandatory. C&M training enables confidence in any given circumstance. C&M graduates realize dreams effectively and become the leaders everyone else looks up to as examples of poise, confidence and leadership.

C&M has the know-how, the right connections, dedication, attention to detail and a delicate manner, in its own spirit; the attitude and belief that every single individual deserves to live life to the fullest.

Belonging to the world of exquisite, being able to understand and respect different cultures, customs and manners, as well as the needs and concerns of an elite clientele, Barbara, founder of C&M, provides services needed anywhere and at any time which makes her a symbol of freedom.

From country to country, city to city, C&M attends to each client effortlessly, offering the attention to detail that every single client deserves helping them realize their dreams and ultimate goals, in line with the high standards for which Barbara is already known.


The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch is an international social etiquette program designed to help you make a positive first and lasting impression, enabling you to flourish in society as well as to engage with, receive and entertain others with the utmost refinement.

  • Become more in tune with an elite life-style and social expectations
  • Master social etiquette skills with an emphasis on personal presentation, manners and thoughtful behavior
  • Build confidence in formal, as well as contemporary, social situations.
  • Polish your overall image, including verbal and non-verbal elements, in order to project a more refined persona
  • Cultivate the cultural awareness necessary to socialize or work effectively, internationally

Superyacht and Private Jet Etiquette

A 7 star Crew is an undeniable requirement for an ultimate luxury and a memorable experience, regardless of the owners or guests nationality.

C&M has created the first ever made Bespoke Cross-Cultural education program for yachting and private jets crews, delivering a perfectly polished crew equipped to anticipate the needs of owners and guests from all over the world - A Crew for all Cultures.

  • Empowers crews to understand and anticipate domestic, or international, client needs
  • Teaches how various cultures, think, communicate and behave, so that crew members will be equipped to effortlessly navigate formal & contemporary social situations with savoir faire
  • Provides a comprehensive knowledge of social etiquette skills, with emphasis on personal presentation, manners and thoughtful behavior
  • Strengthens business relationships by increasing understanding, efficiencies and overall success of your team
  • Increases yacht reputation, charter value, crew retention rates and ultimately a lower cost of ownership

International Business Etiquette & Protocol

The ability to successfully embrace globalization is a key factor of success in the 21st century. Global companies must develop a cadre of sophisticated leaders who can distinguish themselves from the competition, develop and maintain business relations, radiate confidence and authority and inspire teamwork in multicultural environments.

Gain the competitive edge by eliminating cultural borders. This exclusive, one to three day, comprehensive workshop will change the way you see the business world and substantially increase your global business acumen taking your success to the next level.

  • Handle cultural variations with confidence and understanding.
  • Broaden your global awareness of various business customs and terminology
  • Create low-context and high-context bridging strategies
  • Master public speaking
  • Project a successful, international business image, irrespective of the industry and regardless of the corporate dress-code

Cross-Cultural Education

At C&M we help you build successful long lasting international relationships by teaching you the appropriate communication skills, alerting you to cultural sensitivity and helping you develop a global mindset. This exclusive, one to three day, culture specific course will change the way you see the International business world. It will harness you with the necessary tools to be successful in your chosen country or region.

  • Gain the competitive edge by understanding better your own culture and the cultures of others avoiding costly cultural misunderstandings
  • Learn the nuances of international non-verbal communication
  • Broaden your global awareness by interpreting cross-cultural values, behavior and perspectives and to adapt to diverse points of view and working styles
  • Develop your intercultural skills to help you build stronger relationships and communicate effectively with colleagues, clients or partners in other countries
  • Project a successful, international business image, irrespective of the industry and regardless of the country

International Youth Etiquette

Etiquette is an essential life skill for any age. Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime, enabling them to effectively participate in their future by handling social and scholastic situations with grace and ease. C&M delivers the necessary foundation for a solid future, through poise, confidence, integrity and leadership, in an entertaining environment. Our workshops and dining tutorials are engaging, age appropriate and interactive programs.

Participants will learn the power of etiquette, how and why it is a valuable life-long skill. They will gain and practice leadership, social, dining and communication skills so that they feel comfortable and selfassured on any occasion.

Courses are full or half-day, for one to four days and are arranged into three age groups to better focus on the specific needs and concerns of participants:

  • Young Diplomats ( ages 4 - 7 years old )
  • Little Ambassadors ( ages 8 - 12 years old )
  • Just For Teens ( ages 13 – 17 years old )

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